As students in a professional program, we often feel obliged to leave the emotional and personal aspects of ourselves outside of the classroom. As a means to bridging our personal and professional wellbeing, the Wellness Committee hopes to promote a more holistic approach to student development throughout our shared time at SCARP. With this, we aim to support the safe expression of thoughts and feelings by creating an open space for dialogue, while ensuring our mental health through mindfulness practices and exposure to green-space. Recognizing the connection between body and mind, we will also encourage physical well-being through movement.

We have four guiding themes for our initiatives:
  • Promote mental wellbeing through mindfulness, and access to resources for mental health.
  • Promote physical wellbeing through yoga, nature walks, and other forms of physical exercise.
  • Promote student interconnectedness and community creation.
  • Work towards creating a safe environment for all types of conversations between faculty and students.

Health + Wellness Resources