Equity is a core principle of the Planning Student Association, and helps to guide the work of the UBC PSA. The Equity Committee is a body of students within the UBC PSA, which works to create safety and inclusion at SCARP and at UBC as a whole.

In 2016, the Equity Committee will continue to develop and update the safer space policy, administer the anonymous feedback web form, and provide support and feedback to the other UBC PSA committees on their activities and events. The committee will also provide an equity perspective on school policies and processes and work to cultivate an equitable culture in and out of the classroom.

What do we do?

We provide spaces for conversations to actively foster a safer, equitable, and respectful environment for all students, staff, and faculty in SCARP and UBC. These conversations strive to address oppression and inclusivity, and recognize that these conversations can be hard. Our role is, in part, to mediate systemic and/or emergent conflictual issues. We cannot do this work alone, and know that this includes building and strengthening partnerships internal and external to SCARP.

Our Goals:

We have four broad goals for our activities:

  1. We are the “go-to group” and apply an equity lens within SCARP.
  2. We fulfill gaps in equity education and conversations.
  3. We work towards a safer space within SCARP by establishing a safer space policy with guidelines for action and communication that are followed by students, faculty, and staff.
  4. We build partnerships internal and external to SCARP in order to achieve these goals and take strategic action with these partners where possible to advance equity on campus and beyond.

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