The UBC PSA elects its Executive in November of every year, and we hold our positions for the calendar year. This allows first year students to adjust to SCARP during their first semester before taking on a role, and then transition out of their role in order to focus on their studies in their last semester of second year.

PSA Executive 2017

President: Alex Taciuk

The UBC PSA President represents the student body and acts as a liaison between them and the SCARP administration. In addition to this advocacy role the President calls and runs meetings; leads the development process for the UBC PSA Strategic Plan; seeks out student feedback on a wide range of subjects and issues; and ensures that all executive members, representatives, and coordinators are carrying out their respective responsibilities in a supportive environment.

Vice Presidents: Hudson McLellan & Michael McBurnie

The UBC PSA Vice President roles include standing in for President as necessary, managing the agenda for meetings and providing support to executives, representatives, coordinators, and committees as needed.

Administrator: Stephen Clark

The UBC PSA Administrator is responsible for taking minutes at regular PSA meetings and other PSA meetings as required. They also support the other executives and additional projects as needed.

Treasurer: Filippos Gkekas

Equity Coordinators:
Hudson McLellan
Lilly Wilson

Orientation Coordinators:
Jessica Lee
Chris Mah

Professional Development Coordinator: Laurel Eyton

External Relations Coordinator: Robert Catherall

Lunchtime Dialogue Coordinators: 
Katelyn Stewart
Brittany Morris

AMS Representative: Stuart Hamre

GSS Representative: Emma Watson

Facilities Coordinators: 

Chris Mah
Saki Aono

Stay tuned for more updates on our newly elected 2017 executive!